The Selborne Care Service Promise

In delivering the service to meet our ethos and values we follow a number of important principles in our approach to the individuals that we support. These are:


Each person is an individual. We are not all the same. An effective service which achieves positive outcomes recognises the need to respect who you are, what you hope to be able to do, where you may wish to live, whether alone or with others to share.


We all make plans about our futures. We will help you with your plan. It is called a person-centred plan because it is about you.


Our services are designed to fit around your lifestyle with hours convenient to you, accommodating changes when you wish to make them, recognising that needs change.


You will be involved in the recruitment of the staff who support you. This ensures that the staff are people you like and who get on with you and whom you can trust.

Circles of support

We engage with your family, your friends, work colleagues and all those who are important in your life.