Delivering the service

As above, the service will be designed around individual needs in a way that is flexible and focussed on each person. Our services also promote:

    • Independence.
    • Full citizenship.
    • Protection of rights.
    • Protection of confidential information.
    • Freedom, by allowing people to take risks, but also provides security through the completion of risk assessments when needed.
    • People being full members of the community, and if desired, to be actively involved in all work, social, leisure and educational opportunities.
    • A social life that is as varied and active as people desire.
    • People to manage their own responsibilities.
    • The development and encouragement of personal social relationships including people’s relationships with family and friends.
    • Successful outcomes.
    • Development of life skills and pathways to employment opportunities.

In managing the service we:

      • Monitor the support that each person receives, and ensure it meets our standards.
      • Support individuals to organise their own reviews.
      • Monitor, check, shadow and supervise our support workers.
      • Cover unplanned absences.
      • Provide an on-call service.
      • Liaise with professionals and other parties.
      • Attend to any other issues or needs that may arise.

If required, the on call service can be provided to cover 7am-11pm Mon-Sun, and is available to both staff and individuals supported to contact for advice whenever necessary.