Important aspects about the Selborne Care Support

  • Each individual will be actively involved with other people in their circle of support who are important in their lives to design their own support.
  • When an individual is referred to the service, they will have the opportunity to be introduced to their potential support workers prior to receiving support. In this way each individual is assisted to make a choice about who supports them. The consistency and continuity will be maintained through set support workers who will only work with people staying in this service. When a worker is away Selborne Care floating workers (who will have already met the individual and are familiar with their needs) will cover absences.
  • Our support is individually designed to support individuals to maximise and develop their independent living skills. With proactive support, individuals will be supported to do their own shopping, cooking, laundry, money management, personal care etc.
  • Individuals’ daily routines, activities, preferences, needs, levels of independence and beliefs will be fully incorporated into their support plan so that their normal routine is uninterrupted. Individuals will also be supported to access new, local social and leisure community resources to expand people’s interests and friendships. For people who do not have a structured day time routine Selborne Care will work with each person to develop a full day time programme of activities to fit people’s particular needs.
  • Selborne Care’s services strive to promote independence. Furthermore Selborne Care’s success is partially measured by how we support individuals to reduce the amount of support they need.