Monitoring and recording outcomes of the service

The way in which a person’s support is recorded and monitored for outcomes, will of course vary according to his or her needs. We believe in providing a flexible approach to each person. This may mean that different tools and methods are implemented for each individual. Typically the following methods are used:

Person Centred Plan (PCP)

A PCP is established within the first month of receiving support. As the team of support begins better to understand the person’s needs they help the person to begin building their plan. This often involves the support of other key people in that person’s life that they choose to involve.

This plan, as well as the person’s support, is then reviewed two months after support commenced. Following the initial review, reviews are then held every six months, or as and when needed, or requested by the individual.

The PCP is a live, constantly developing document. It can change, be added to or otherwise develop at any time, but the six monthly reviews do still provide a more formal way of evaluating progress.

The six-monthly reviews are also a point at which all documents relating to the person are reviewed more thoroughly. This may include contracts, risk assessments, guidelines etc. Any change may indicate progress, and can be subsequently recorded as part of that persons review, and therefore contribute towards the monitoring of outcomes.

Monthly progress notes

At the end of each month, all individuals complete a monthly progress notes form with their support worker. The form directly links to the PCP, as it includes what progress has/has not been made towards their goals. If progress has not been made, the senior worker involved with the individual will look to establish the reasons for this, and make any changes necessary to ensure support is offered in the best way to enable people to achieve their goals. The monthly progress notes are then used at the time of reviews to provide a reflection of the person’s progression. The notes are designed to specifically highlight positive progress in each person’s life.

Individual support folder

Each person is given a support folder to enable them, with the help of their support worker, to document all matters relating to their support. This folder includes their PCP, Health Action Plan (HAP), as well as a daily log, calendar, communication log, and other associated paperwork.

Health action plan (HAP)

A HAP is established within the first two months of support and helps to monitor and record all the health related needs. The plan details all contact details for any health professional involved with the individual, and highlights when regular appointments/checkups are required. This helps to ensure that all health related needs are continually met.

Satisfaction Questionaire

Every six months all people being supported can rate their satisfaction of their service. The outcome of this survey helps us to develop our service. Questionaires are also issued to our support staff and stakeholders whose feedback we welcome and highly regard